The Galapagos Islands in pictures

Galapagos in pictures

[img src=]700Centre of the world
Straddling the equator, the Galapagos Islands are formed by a volcanic hot spot beneath the Pacific Ocean...
[img src=]210
...the oldest island is 4.5 million years old and the youngest a mere 300,000 years
[img src=]210Famous residents
The Galapagos Islands are a hotbed of biodiversity and its playful sea lions are amongst the most popular residents
[img src=]190The Darwin connection
Charles Darwin came up with his theory of evolution in Galapagos. This iguana has evolved differently from its relatives on mainland South America
[img src=]210A twitcher's delight
This swallow-tailed gull is one of the many birds that attracts twitchers to the islands
[img src=]200Beneath the waves
Three ocean currents converge at the Galapagos Islands bringing with them bountiful marine life
[img src=]190Star attraction
The giant tortoise is synonymous with the Galapagos Islands and there are estimated to be 35,000 of them living here...
[img src=]220
...but that's no thanks to international sailors who nearly hunted them to extinction in the 19th century
[img src=]170Gone with the wind
Most of the plants that have colonised Galapagos came as seeds on the trade winds - they were blown over 600 miles across the Pacific
[img src=]210Feeding time
A baby Nazca booby waits for dinner to be delivered by his parents
[img src=]160Big mouth
A wonderful bird is a pelican, his bill will hold more than its belly can
[img src=]210Siesta time
A young sea lion stirs from a siesta on the beach
[img src=]190Back to school
Galapagos guide, John Garate, leads a quick lesson in the geology of the islands
[img src=]180An unlikely resident
Galapagos penguins are thousands of miles from their native Antarctica, but the water here is just cool enough to sustain them
[img src=]180Not on your own doorstep
This Nazca booby has turned shitting on its own doorstep into an art form
[img src=]190Hooray for boobies
Red footed boobies are one of the most celebrated birds on the islands and not just because of their red feet...
[img src=]180
...they also wow visitors by diving into the ocean at nearly 100kph to catch fish
[img src=]190Expectant mother
A Nazca booby protects a recently laid egg from the wind and potential predators
[img src=]210The silent hunter
This short-eared owl will make no sound when it swoops in on unsuspecting petrels
[img src=]170Another stalker
This heron is also a stealth hunter and will pluck fish from the sea when it gets hungry

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  1. John Garate says:

    Hi Gavin,

    Great photography! Looking forward to reading the article about Ecuador/Galapagos. Congrats on your achievements as a journalist.

    All the best


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