Gambia in pictures

Gambia in pictures

[img src=]640Twitcher’s paradise
Gambia is one of the most diverse countries in the world when it comes to bird life
[img src=]90Pelican crossing
Some of the bigger species are easy to spot…
[img src=]80
…others like this fruit bat are a bit trickier
[img src=]80Monkey business
A baby baboon hitches a ride on mum at Makasutu Cultural Forest
[img src=]80Jamming
This local man plays a traditional stringed instrument called the kora to Makasutu visitors
[img src=]90Mangrove mooring
Those looking to stay in Makasutu can rent floating rooms at Mandina Lodges
[img src=]70West Africa apparel
Guaranteed to brighten up any situation are the Gambian women
[img src=]80Moderately flamboyant
As a Muslim nation women are encouraged to cover up…
[img src=]60
…but they are conservative in the most flamboyant way possible
[img src=]90Baby on board
A baby snoozes while his mother waits to catch the Banjul ferry
[img src=]80Ferry late
Foot passengers disembark from the notoriously unreliable Banjul ferry
[img src=]90Trade descriptions
A “BMW” van is loaded up with goods to take over on the ferry
[img src=]80Casting out
A woman fishes for crabs in Oyster Creek
[img src=]60African sunset
The sky turns a deep orange as the sun goes down on Bijilo Beach, Gambia
[img src=]40Gambian colours
In the national flag, red represents the sun, blue the rivers, green agriculture and white peace

3 Responses to Gambia in pictures

  1. Hi Gavin, Some great photos there. It looks like you had a better experience than me in the Gambia. Having driven from the UK all the way to the Gambia without trouble, Banjul turned out to be a nightmare for us, being robbed and ripped off at the hotel. That said, looked a nice place and many other people we spoke to seemed friendly.

    Love the blog, Kind Regards, Si

    ps. We would love to invite you to TheDepartureboard’s Most Travelled Club it’s FREE and fun! Details here: A great opportunity to promote your site as well!

    • admin says:

      Hi Simon,
      Thanks for getting in touch. I’m glad you like the blog but sorry to hear about your experiences in Banjul.
      I’ll have a little gander at the Departure Board and sign up.

  2. says:

    the post is really very interesting and informative.

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